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Since opening for business over 70 years ago the Nanton Community Centre has served as a hub for gathering and fellowship for the community and surrounding area. Many upgrades to the Community Centre have allowed continued service to the local and out of town communities alike. Volunteer organizations are the lifeblood of the Community and have through their support allowed the Community Centre to continue its operation


The volunteer board behind the business:

The Nanton Community Centre is volunteer run including approximately 10 members who handle the bookings, cleaning, administration and a large part of the facility maintenance. This structure allows us to keep rental rates as affordable as possible and ensures that the money you spend renting this facility is directly put back into the building and used for facility improvements and upkeep. The dedication from the volunteers will allow this facility to be available for community events for years to come!


Video credit Bill Watt of Nanton circa 1950. Visit the Nanton Historical Society on Facebook to live the history of Nanton

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